Rules & Regulations

In case of any life threatening emergency or a fire, call the authorities at 911. Call us for other serious emergencies including a fallen tree on the house, a sewer backup or flooding, lightning strikes or roof leaks.

All non-emergency repair requests should be in writing pursuant to the Lease Agreement.

Management will dispatch a contractor during normal business hours as soon as possible. You are responsible for pilot lights and minor repairs and any repair created by your tenancy like blocked plumbing caused by items placed in a toilet or garbage disposal. You will be charged if it is determined that you caused the problem.

If you have a scheduled appointment with our maintenance Contractor, someone who is over the age of 18 must be home to allow access or you will be charged the trip charge.

If you lock yourself out you can call a locksmith and you will be responsible for the charges. You may not change the locks during your tenancy.

Any issues that adversely affect the property must be reported to Management in a timely manner to avoid further damage to the property.

If your Lease provides that you will maintain the yard and shrubbery and Management receives complaints, you will be notified. If after two notices from Management the Lawn is not being maintained, Management will hire a contractor and charge you for Lawn Maintenance.

No vehicles should ever be parked on the lawn. Written permission from Management is required for Commercial Vehicles or any signs on vehicles.

Trash receptacles and recycle containers should be placed out of sight except on the scheduled pick-up day.

Utilities must remain on from the date you take possession until three days after the Lease termination date. You are responsible for all utilities.

No smoking is permitted in the house. You will be charged for deodorizing and painting the interior if smoke odor is detected.

No pets are allowed to live at the property without written permission from Management and paid pet fees. Violations will be assessed $10 per day plus the cost to repair any damages caused by the pet.