Standard Procedures to Lease

Basic Guidelines for Approval are verifiable monthly income equal to or greater than three times the monthly rent and a credit score above 650. In some cases an additional deposit may compensate for credit issues.

Any false information will be grounds for rejection of the application. Management will verify the information by contacting applicant's employers and creditors and others who may or may not be listed herein.

The property is being leased "AS IS" in its present condition. Any stipulations, changes or modifications to the property or terms of the Lease which are advertised must be listed as contingencies on this application.

Vacant properties are ready to occupy and the Lease must start within ten days of Application. Otherwise, the Lease must begin on the advertised available date.

If approved, Management will notify you and prepare a Lease Agreement. You will then have 24 hours to sign the Lease and submit payment of the Reservation Fee (equal to one month's rent) along with the $200 Lease Administrative fee.

Management will continue to market the property until Application is complete, Lease is signed by all parties, and Reservation Fee has been paid.

If pets are permitted the rent will increase. Typically the amount is $30 per pet per month.

After the Lease is signed and the Reservation Fee has been paid, it is non-refundable if you choose not to move into the property.

Notice to one of the applicants shall constitute notice to all of the co-applicants, and Notice from one of the applicants shall constitute notice from all of the co-applicants.

Valid Photo Identification must be presented for final approval. To expedite the process, send a copy of your Photo ID and your most recent Paystub to